StarMaze v1.0

StarMaze is a Java Applet game where you navigate a red star through a labyrinth. The entrance to the maze is along the top and the exit is along the bottom. You can use the mouse cursor to navigate by hovering the cursor in the cells that are adjacent to the red star. The keyboard will also allow you to navigate with the up, down, left, and right arrow keys. The path that you took through the maze is shown in blue. If you happen to get lost in the maze, then there are a couple of things you can try. One is to navigate your way back to a previous location, which can be accomplished easily by using the left mouse button to click on a previously visited cell. This will backtrack the red star to the selected cell as long as you really did visit that cell previously. If you continue to hold down the left mouse button, then you can hover over as much of your blue path as you want for a more animated backtracking experience. If you're lost and frustrated, then you can request a hint by either pressing the "H" key on the keyboard or by pressing the middle mouse button. The hint will show your path in green from the entrance up until the point where you went the wrong way (if you did), after which the path is shown in red.

There is a single, unique route to reach the exit from the entrance. In other words, when navigating through the maze, you will never be able to wrap around to reach a point that was previously visited. There is only one way to reach every individual cell in the maze. A new maze is randomly generated every day. Enjoy! To learn more please visit the informational page on generating labyrinths.

StarMaze v1.0 - Maze generated for 10/23/2017.
Control IDAction
Move Mouse CursorThe star follows the mouse cursor when it's close by!
Left ArrowMove Left
Up ArrowMove Up
Right ArrowMove Right
Down ArrowMove Down
Left Mouse ButtonMove the Star Back to Cursor
Middle Mouse ButtonI'm Lost: Give me a Hint! (Green is good, Red is bad)
H KeyI'm Lost: Give me a Hint! (Green is good, Red is bad)

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