RubiksCube3D v1.0

RubiksCube3D is a 3D Java Applet game where you can play with a Rubik's Cube. The cube is drawn using an isometric transformation rasterization method as opposed to the perspective 3D rasterization method that is used in StarScreen3D. On the left, the front view is shown, which includes the front face, the right face, and the top face. On the right, the back view is shown, which includes the back face, the left face, and the down face. You can rotate the faces of the Rubik's Cube using the commands below. The cube is animated upon rotation. You can also reset the cube to the solved state or randomize the cube, which is also animated and very fun to watch. Enjoy!

RubiksCube3D v1.0
Control IDAction
F KeyRotates the Rubik's Cube's front face clockwise.
B KeyRotates the Rubik's Cube's back face clockwise.
R KeyRotates the Rubik's Cube's right face clockwise.
L KeyRotates the Rubik's Cube's left face clockwise.
T KeyRotates the Rubik's Cube's top face clockwise.
D KeyRotates the Rubik's Cube's down face clockwise.
Hold Shift Key and press F, B, R, L, T, or DRotates the Rubik's Cube face in the opposite direction.
F1 KeyResets the Rubik's Cube to the default solved state.
F2 KeyRandomizes the Rubik's Cube in a series of quick rotations.
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