C++ Programming Tutorial: Table of Contents

Programming Q & A

Q: Why do I need to learn how to program?
A: In order to be able to tell the computer exactly what you want it to do!

Q: What can I tell the computer to do in a program?
A: Practically anything you want! Here are some examples: Q: How do I go about writing a program?
A: You can write the code for your program in any text editor, notepad for example; however, the author suggests using Dev-C++ as described below. Then, you can compile the code into an executable file (.exe) that can be run on your computer.

The Compiler

Before we begin learning about programming in C++, you will need a program that compiles source code into an executable file (.exe), in other words a compiler. The author strongly recommends the completely free program Dev-C++. It is essentially a user-friendly GUI-based source code editor that wraps around the GCC compiler. A screenshot of Dev-C++ is shown below:

Under the File menu, select to create a new source code file in Dev-C++. You may see a few lines of default source code that Dev-C++ generates automatically. Don't worry, you can delete what comes up and start writing your own code instead. Now let's begin learning how to write source code in C++.

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