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Have you ever wanted to learn how to program? CodingMagic.com is primarily dedicated to computer programming projects. In order to facilitate demonstration of the projects in a safe and widely compatible method, Java applets are used on this website. Since the Java programming language has several similarities to C++ in terms of syntax, the methods used in the code on this site can be adopted in C++ without a great deal of effort. In fact, some of the projects on CodingMagic.com originated in C++ code using the Windows API. The author has plans to include Microsoft Windows based applications in the tutorials included on this site. It is important to keep Java updated on your computer as the projects on this site typically utilize the latest Java revisions. Java Version 6 Update 5 is the minimum revision recommended to display the applets properly.

A C++ Programming Tutorial is currently being developed at CodingMagic.com for those who would like to learn how to program in C++. Check it out!


The first project to be created on CodingMagic.com was a maze java applet game called StarMaze. It was originally created in C++ using the Windows API and was later converted to Java. The project has an associated informational page on generating labyrinths that describes the maze creation method used in StarMaze. PHP code was created for this site that generates a new labyrinth for StarMaze every day.
The second project created on CodingMagic.com was a 3D rasterization java applet called StarScreen3D. Like StarMaze, the program originated in C++ using the Windows API and was later converted to Java. The program generates hundreds of orange cubes that bounce around inside a much larger purple cube volume. The initial locations, direction vectors, and speed of travel for each cube are random. The camera's view screen (i.e. the java applet window) is generated via rasterization using perspective viewing projection. The details including the math behind the program can be found on the informational page on 3D rasterization.
One of the more artistic and fascinating programs on this site is the Mandelbrot fractal java applet called StarFractal. The program displays what is referred to as the Mandelbrot fractal, which at first may seem to be just a pretty picture. In fact, the Mandelbrot fractal is a unique mathematical representation of a set for which a particular complex quadratic polynomial remains bounded. The details can be found on the informational page on fractals.
The latest program on CodingMagic.com is the 3D Rubik's Cube java applet game called RubiksCube3D. The program allows users to play with a Rubik's Cube that is rasterized using an isometric transformation. Each of the faces of the cube can be rotated either clockwise or counter-clockwise. The rotations are shown in an animated manner. The Rubik's Cube can also be reset to the default solved state or randomized, which is also animated and very fun to watch!

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